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MultiChoice (DSTV) Africa ,South African based multinational MultiChoice company, operating in many African, European and Asian countries, In collaboration with DSTV foundation have decided to reduce poverty in African countries, through full funding of its ongoing Scholarship schemes for young African undergraduate and graduates to undergo a requisite training in one of the best universities in United States Of America to further a degree,Masters and PhD programs in different fields of study.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate program, graduate program, master program, MBA program and PhD program.

Field of Study: Scholarships are awarded to study any program offered by any university of your choice in United States Of America

Eligibility: The recipients of this award will have achieved very high levels of academic excellence combined with an outstanding record of leadership and service(not compulsory). Students with a high school average above 50% are encouraged to apply. Not for non Africans.

Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • Free visa.
  • Full free tuition fee.
  • Weekly allowance.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Family allowance (if married).
  • Health insurance coverage.

Nationality: Citizens of all African nations are eligible to apply

Sponsor: MultiChoices


  • All application is online on this platform and kindly select carefully your program of study and upload all the necessary documents required for your program.
  • All communication goes through the mail you have provided on your application form.

How To Apply:

  • Fill up the online applications for scholarship programs on this platform.
  • Upload your transcripts form to the online application.
  • write a statement of purpose.This should convey your interest,academic qualification and your goals.
  • Submit the application online when all the necessary documents required are completed.
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  1. Samson Matomola


    I am Samson Motorola from Malawi .

    I am really interested with this scholarship to pursue my studies for undergraduate programme please help me with the link to apply please please .
    Thank you so much

  2. I have interested with this announcement. But it will be nice if you will send me application link and link for full details.

  3. Plesse , I need the application link.
    Thank you.

  4. Am in need of the link for application

  5. please if you can send me the link via email

  6. William Obiri-Nyarko

    I studied bachelor of arts(afrIcan studies) at the university of cape coast, Ghana.
    I would like to do a master programme in Africa studies. If there is any assistance available for me to do my master programme, I would so much appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  7. my name is Emily and would like to study, kindly send me the link

  8. Am very interested inform me how to apply

  9. James Ndelemani

    Send me the application link. Am interested, have a degree in teaching

  10. Keyard kalungulu

    Am interested to upgrade my education please help me the link

  11. Ephraim Kangungu

    Kindly send me the link

  12. please share the link and all the necessary documents to be completed and submitted, thanks.

  13. My name is Wilhelm from Namibia and i would like to study please send me the link.

  14. Lukonde Chandalala

    Am interested and will appreciate if you can help me with the link so that I can apply online
    Lukonde Chandalala

  15. Letjeta Letjeta

    I am interested to the scholarship i would like to have a link on how to apply for the scholarship. I wish persue a degree in engineering.

  16. Letjeta Letjeta

    I would like to have a link on how to apply for the scholarship.

  17. I am Deborah please send me the link

  18. Am in interested am from Zambia how can I apply

  19. We need the link please

  20. Please send an application link

  21. Link please

  22. im interested assist me with the link

  23. Send me a link at amwekambe@gmail.com for Dstv scholarship

  24. Weddington nzvaura

    I am intrested in PhD in bussiness

  25. Please i need the link. Please help me

  26. Gerald Mwalwanda

    Am interested .assist me with the link

  27. Hi Am Semeki Titus from Zambia. Have been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in special education and geography with the university of Zambia and will be graduating this December. Am really interested in finding a scholarship for a masters degree programme.
    Kindly avail me with course on offer and I would like to know if u have also education courses

  28. Your scholarship is of interest to me. Kindly send me any necessary documentations and link so that I may apply.

  29. Emmanuel Onwenna

    Please help me with the application link

  30. Please how can I access the link?

  31. Tuelo Ikgopoleng

    I’m interested

  32. Rodney Chimbalanga

    Interested Information Technology Degree.


    I need an application link please,i want to apply too

  34. I am Gabriel Nyimbili. I need the link for applying

  35. Plz send me a link

  36. Hy. Please could you send the link☺️. Thank you in advance

  37. I’m interested with this scholarship, please send me the application link

  38. Hi please share the link

  39. I also want application link.

  40. Plz send me the link

  41. My name is Nsiande from Tanzania. please share a link in order to apply.

  42. please send me link so that I apply. Am very much interested with this scholarships

  43. Emmanuel Leonard

    Link please

  44. I’m interested with this scholarship,please send to an application link.

  45. Nicole Abraham

    I’m interested, Send me the link please

  46. I am interested in this scholarship, please send me the application link, thank you

  47. Hello Admin i am interested with this scholarship but how can i apply while the link required to be filled is not on this page can you help me with how to get the link

  48. Application link please

  49. please, send me an application link

  50. Good morning, can you send me with the online application link, i’m interested with such scholarship

  51. Can i have application link please

  52. I’m interested with the scholarship please send me the application link, Regards

  53. Please send the link


    Hello Admin,
    I am so impressed with your scholarship offer and am much interested to apply, please i kindrequest you to send a link required so that i can complete my application.
    please use email: chazzel989@gmail.com

  55. Am an engineeeering bachelor graduate in electrical and electronics
    Assist me with the link

  56. I am Felix S. Magombo from Malawi. May I please have a link to apply: felimagombo@gmail.com is my email address.

  57. I am tanzanian,I would like to join this opportunity given out to pursue my dreams,,I am so passionate about business studies in masters level….kindly send me a link so that i can apply….bless you you up for reaching million o young african dreams…good job and forever proud

  58. please i need this opportunity,
    please assist link

  59. please send the link

  60. Nyabhuso Nyerembe

    I am interested please send me a link through mynyabhuso@gmail.com


    I have apprecited your help through scholarship and am so impressed with that,one of my wish is to accomplish my destiny though am facing some financial problems,would be much happier when i will get that scholarship

  62. Clementina lupenza

    Im interested i need a link please.

  63. I would like to have the application link via my email address dsafari60@gmail.com. I wana persue my Masters degree in USA

  64. Latipha M. Kissiwa

    I would love to pursue for futher studies. Kindly send the link

  65. Festo Brave Chikwela

    I’m deeply interested to such opportunity since it will help me to achieve my career goals as I desire to become a trainer in management field, so with foreign material it even better, it will help me to communicate modern management once I came back with such know. This scholarship is the biggest door that if I pass through it then every thing in my professional career will happen.
    Please send me the link

  66. Very interested to this scholarship. Kindly provide me with the application link and tentative figure for the weekly and family allowance. I would also like to know if I have to apply for admission separately. I would like to go for PhD in Economics If I’m lucky.

  67. Please how to apply?

  68. Good day, Admin.

    Please I need the link. My email id is: oluwatobi802@gmail.com
    Thanks in anticipation.

  69. Saitoti stanley

    May I get the form Please

  70. Alphonsus G. Brooks

    I am an African student studying public Administration, I will appreciate this opportunity, I means can I have the link for the scholarship. My Email… alphonsusgbrooks @gmail.com

  71. Alphonsus G. Brooks

    I am an African student studying public Administration, I will appreciate this opportunity, I means can I have the link for the scholarship. My Email… alphonsusgbrooks @gmail.com. I am interested

  72. yessoufou mohamadou achimi adio

    My name is yessoufou mohamadou achimi adio,I’m from Benin and I would like to study in one of your university so I will be glad if you can grant me my wish.Thank you

  73. Suleiman rashid

    Am soo interesd in this scholarship may you please send me a link to aply; my emai is



  75. Am MLUNGU DAIMA ,a Tanzanian graduating bachelor of science with education geography and mathematics at sokoine university of agriculture SUA , i am in need of scholarship for masters in applied mathematics and statistics

  76. Sofia shigwedha

    I would love to get this scholarship and persue my dreams so that i can support my unemployed parents

  77. I am interested in this scholarship. Kindly share the link.

  78. Wubishet tamirat


    How are you?. Am fine , am Wubishet Tamirat from Ethiopia. I graduated from Woliata Sodo University/ Ethiopia from plant science department with GPA 3.92. Am top outstanding and hard working student, now am working at Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research at JARC as Assistant Researcher. Am interested to study MSc. at Plant Biotechnology/Plant biochemistry. please send all information by wubishettamirat3@gmail.com.


  79. Wondimu Ashagre Awoke

    I am interested to study PhD in health science.

  80. Michelle Sibeso

    Hi, I’m Michelle from Namibia, I’d like to apply for the scholarship. How do I go about it? Can I get a link for the application

  81. Michelle Sibeso

    Hi, I’m Michelle from Namibia, I’d like to apply for the scholarship. How do I go about it? Can I get a link for the application

  82. Ashley chiwetu

    I studied pensions and investments can i please have the link

  83. Abubakr Sidiq Ahmed

    Please send me the link via naagbewaah@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  84. I am highly interested and have a desire of furthering my studies abroad, kindly forward me the link here, tsietso.violetmakhanya@gmail.com.

  85. My name is Mariam Mshana and i want to take my degree abroad i need your help. From Tanzanian

  86. I’m very interested with the opportunity since it will sharp my career

  87. Hello! I am Okoye Jude a Nigerian.I am an SSCE or O level graduate. PLEASE send me the link for application.I am enthusiatically looking forward to studying over there.I am most interested in science and technology.my gmail is: okoyejude877@gmail.com

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